Best Neat Video settings for DJI mini 2

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Best Neat Video settings for DJI mini 2

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I'm using Final Cut Pro X 10.6 and I've recently bought Neat video. I'm very very happy for the end results.
Processing is very slow on my macbook Pro 16 i9 with 5500m graphic card, however the final results worth the waiting time!
Coming back to my question: could you please let me know if there is a preset available for DJI Mini 2 drone? Any suggestion for best results (I saw this official video ( but it is dated 2018 and maybe something is now obsolete. Anyway a pre-setting based on standard noise of the sensor would be very much appreciated! Sensor of this drone is very noisy in almost all conditions.

Here you can find a recent video I've made after Neat Video processing (manually setted):
End result is simply stunning if compared to the original grainy video.

Thanks in advance for your help/suggestions! :wink:
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Re: Best Neat Video settings for DJI mini 2

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I don't think there is any pre-built set of noise profiles and/or filter presets for that drone anywhere around, although that is possible that a third party might publish such a set.

Generally, I advise to build your own profiles and adjust the filter settings according to the recommendations of the video tutorials available in Neat Video website (link). Those recommendations are mostly generic, so applicable to any drone or other type of camera and those should work well with your camera as well.

Building your own profiles and adjusting your filter settings manually is the default way of using Neat Video and it allows to achieve the best results, provided you follow the recommendations of the tutorials and user guide.

Thank you,
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