Wierd Dual R9-380 glitch

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Wierd Dual R9-380 glitch

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I have a weird glitch. Tried loads to sort and I am stuck.

The problem presents itself as a pixel glitch where a square about 30px by 30px flashes up on one frame then randomly again 3 to seven seconds again...

I set neat to render CPU only. No glitch.
Both GPUs - you see the glitch.
Set Neat to GPU1 only. No glitch
Set Neat to GPU2 only... glitch is present.

So glitch is only present in GPU2 activation in neat.

So I uninstalled and reinstalled all drivers from AMD official - 17.5 17.4 17.3 17.1. Problem is really bad in 17.4 glitch is going crazy 3 or 4 glitches per frame. Tried the above steps and had exactly the same results (but as I said much worse on 17.4 drivers)

I even wondered if it was GPU or memory faulty on Graphics Card 2 so I swapped them out removed CARD 1 SLOT 1 and put in the CARD2 in slot 1... one card only. No glitch.
Then I went dual card setup again but now I put the old slot 1 card in slot 2 and the glitch returns to GPU2 only. So this seems to rule out the cards having a fault.

Also I cannot use drivers 15 or 16 because the open cl is too basic for use with the Neat plugin... only 17 drivers can handle opencl with neat plugin.

So I have a choice, just use GPU1 only to use neat and forget Multi GPU support or if you have any ideas for anything else I can try. Thanks for your time.

My setup:
Windows7 64bit SP2
XEON W3680
Motherboard ASUS P6T-SE (x58 chipset)
2 x AMD Radeon R9-380 cards
Corsair RM1000 power supply.

To help you see the form the glitch is taking here are some samples for you....

the original "gpu2" selected fault...

GPU1 slot 1 and GPU2 slot 2 swapped around... fault is still there on GPU2 selected renders in neat

The worst is driver 17.4 when you get this mess onGPU2 selected renders

PS Still love Neat and will use it on one GPU if I have to ;-) Still the best.
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