Questions before purchasing on upgrading

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Questions before purchasing on upgrading

Post by beardedboss » Tue Aug 15, 2017 10:13 pm

After evaluation the Trial Version of Neat Video Am am now considering Purchasing The Full Version. Before I do, I just have a few questions:

I've already searched and read on the forums that if I decide to first off, go for the Home Version, I can upgrade to the Pro Version just paying the difference in price later on down the line.
I am correct in thinking this example?

Neat Video Pro

Neat Video Home

Difference is and would be an additional now or later

I was thinking of going for the Home version at the moment to keep costs down and mainly because I am not using any footage that is more than Full HD. Though I may well have a need to process 4K or above in the Future at some point!

With that said, is there any advantage in purchasing the Pro Version right off that bat now, in terms of getting a better deal/price or does it not matter?

Also, when one licenses Neat Video does that allow me to use it with any host or do I have to decide which host at the purchase point. In my case Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 and Adobe Premiere Elements 15.

I may wish to also use Neat Video with Adobe After Effects or another supported editing application at a later date. Is this possibe, or does it mean that I would need to purchase another license and new Plug-In?

I guess is the question is:
Does the purchase of Neat Video, cover one for all Software Plug-ins, allowing use in multiple Editing Sofwares if desired?

Finally, I am thinking of also purchasing Neat Image, I having looked at the trial version yet, but am sure it is going to perform as good as Neat Video does.
Is there a deal discount for purchasing both Neat Video and Neat Image, the 2 together at one time?


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Post by NVTeam » Wed Aug 16, 2017 7:50 am

Yes, your calculations regarding upgrading from one Home product to Pro version of the same Neat Video product. You can upgrade by paying the difference ($25).

Regarding the benefits, please also remember that the Pro version can be used for commercial purposes, while the Home version is for private use only.

The different Neat Video plug-ins listed as separate entries in the Purchase page are separate products that require separate licenses. If you purchase two products together or you purchase an additional product later, you receive a discount. Some typical combinations of two products are already bundled together and offered in the lower part of that page.

The same discount is offered (you will see it once you start adding products to the shopping cart) for combinations of Neat Video and Neat Image products.

Thank you,
Image Image Neat Video team
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