Support for multiple instances in one vapoursynth script

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Support for multiple instances in one vapoursynth script

Post by lansing » Fri Nov 10, 2017 2:18 am

I'm using an older version of neatvideo (3.6) for virtualdub. And I loaded the filter into vapoursynth using the avisynth api. It works fine until I try to load 2 instances of filter.

The user manual said that the filter is restricted to one instance per clip, but my script have to load 2 clips, then apply neatvideo to each one of them, and then append them into one. So I need to use the filter multiple times in the same script. The script turns out to be fine on preview, I was able to seek randomly through the video without a problem, the problem only came when I try to close the preview window, the program crashed.

So can there be any update on this?

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Post by NVTeam » Tue Nov 28, 2017 7:39 pm

As far as I remember that limitation was present in Neat Video running in Avisynth scripts for a long time and probably was related to a limitation of Avisynth interface. I am not sure we can easily fix it from our side.

Is the problem reproducible on your side if you run that project (or any other test project) in Avisynth itself?

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Post by lansing » Wed Nov 29, 2017 2:34 am

um, I just test it on the 32 bit avs+, it works fine, no crash on multiple instances.

Code: Select all

LoadVirtualDubPlugin("NeatVideo.vdf", "NeatVideo", 1)

ProfilePath1 = ""
PresetPath1 = "01.nfp"

ProfilePath2 = ""
PresetPath2 = "02.nfp"

ProfilePath3 = ""
PresetPath3 = "03.nfp"

source = ffms2("video.mkv").converttorgb32()
source2 =  ffms2("video2").converttorgb32()

clip_a = source.NeatVideo(ProfilePath1,PresetPath1,"1.0","1","0","0")
clip_b = source2.NeatVideo(ProfilePath2,PresetPath2,"1.0","1","0","0")
clip_c = source.NeatVideo(ProfilePath3,PresetPath3,"1.0","1","0","0")

clip_a + clip_b + clip_c
I guess the problem in on the vapoursynth side then.

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