Multiprocessing enabled crashes Premiere Pro on Pentium 4 HT

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Multiprocessing enabled crashes Premiere Pro on Pentium 4 HT

Post by snivlle » Sat May 26, 2007 8:02 am

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Just me being an old cranky jerk.

Good product, and very good company. Yes, it's slow at processing, but NeatVideo is a fine feat of software engineering.

Dual CPU support doesn't seem to work on a P4 HT machine, but otherwise, it does seem a little faster than ver. 1.5. It does seem to crash if I try to process any more than 20 minutes of footage at a time. It could be my machine - it only has 1 GB of Rambus memory. Most modern video workstations have at least 2 GB of fast DDR2 memory installed in them.
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Post by NVTeam » Sat May 26, 2007 1:39 pm

Please always submit a bug report when you experience a crash, freeze, hang or just a glitch.

Thank you for writing about the HT issue, we will try to reproduce this effect.

In the meantime, please disable the multiprocessor support in NV options if HT causes problems. The HT speedup is normally not very high anyway.

Thank you,
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