Calibration Target

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Calibration Target

Post by Boslok » Tue Mar 09, 2010 11:39 pm

Hi! I recently purchase a Pro edition of neatvideo and although the results are pleasent, they are not completely optimal.
I assume this is because of the quality of profiling (only achieved from 50% to 70%)
Because of this, next time I'll try shooting the cailbration target wherever is that I need to work.
My question is the following, what is it exactly that I need to see through my camera while shooting the cailbration target to achieve an optimal profiling?
Does the fact that the target has variable colors won't be an issue for selecting an area to profile?
I understand that i need to take the focus away, but won't the different colors be noticiable anyway or should I zoom in only to one of the squares on the table?
I hope the question is understandable... :oops:
Thanks in advance for your time!

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Post by NVTeam » Wed Mar 10, 2010 12:19 am

> I assume this is because of the quality of profiling (only achieved from 50% to 70%)

Not necessarily. 50-70% is quite good for regular frames, not shots of the Calibration Target.

If the problem is in profile then it may be because it is not built correctly. You can send the frame (as a still image) and the profile you have built using that frame to support [at] and we will check if the profile looks good or a better profile can be built using that frame. In some cases, the only solution may be to use another frame altogether.

Regarding the Calibration Target, you can use the one designed for Neat Image: Calibration Target.
Just follow the instruction imprinted inside the target: include all target into the frame and shoot out of focus. Don't worry about colors, just include the whole target and fill the frame with it.

Thank you,
Image Image Neat Video team
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