Sample Size to small

resolve technical issues related to use of Neat Video
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Sample Size to small

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Hello, Neat Video does a great job for me even using the auto profile and getting only 67%. I have some video where I deliberately filmed a piece of white foam board at about 4 feet away to help me get a noise profile for a particular Civic Center venue. When I applied Neat Video filter to my clip, I was able to get a 256 x 122 sample size yet no profile was generated. When I auto profile the sample Neat Video tells me the sample size is to small. I'm working in FCP 7 and I don't understand why, when I have a sample size up to and over 122 x 122, that Neat Video will not create a profile for me. Like I said the 67% profile that auto profile is creating does a great job, I just don't understand the problem when I know my sample size is large enough.

Thanks for the Help!

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Could you clarify what exactly you mean by "Neat Video will not create a profile for me"? What exactly do you do (click, select, etc.) and what reaction do you get from Neat Video?

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