Easiest way to pre process

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Easiest way to pre process

Post by MichaelB » Sun Jul 25, 2010 6:18 am

Hi, First of all let me mention how brilliant this plugin is and how many times it's got me out of trouble. good job.

At the moment I apply neat to clips on my premiere CS5 timeline, then build previews and export as appropriate. The problem for a full wedding., (maybe 4 or five hours of footage) thats a lot of preview files and also a long time especially if I need to make changes and then have to build some/ all of them again.

What is the easiest way to get my m2t files processed before I bring them into premiere. I've tried to get my head around virtualdub and avi synth but don't get how it works.

Would it be easier if I got the after effects licence instead and if I did how much work would be involved If I wanted to load a few hundred clips into after affects and export them with neat applied. There could be 80gig of footage involved. I'm aware that will be a long render but I can leave it running on another computer for however many days or whatever.

I guess my question is, can i create some kind of batch processing where I can select a folder or all the files in a folder, and queue them up with neat applied in AE. opening each individual clip, and applying the setting each time then exporting would be too much work.

Thanks, M.

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Post by NVTeam » Sun Jul 25, 2010 9:32 am

I am not aware of an easy way in Premiere or After Effects to batch process many individual clips the way you describe. In one way or another they still require some manual attention to each clip, at least as far as I know, though I am no great specialist in these applications. There may be something that could be used for that purpose, like Watch Folders in AE, that requires checking the documentation and direct testing. I recommend to ask Adobe this question about Premiere and/or After Effects directly, they should be able to answer it more competently. The question is generic, not limited to Neat Video only: how to preprocess hundreds of independent clips to apply a video filter to each one and save each result into a new output clip, can this be done in Premiere and/or After Effects without manual work on each clip.

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