After Effects Workflow (movie with several scenes/profiles)

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After Effects Workflow (movie with several scenes/profiles)

Post by bena » Mon Aug 30, 2010 3:11 pm

Hello out there,
this goes to all Neat Video Users who are working with the After Effects Plugin.

I am wondering about the workflow using the Plugin on a 60 min film. On such a long film it is not possible to do an overall denoise, so some scenes need to be adjusted.

What would be the best workflow for this?

My suggestion would be:

1.) Load the footage into your project and make a comp of it.

2.) To work with different noise reduction profiles, I would alway create a new layer ( cut and duplicate the layer at the current position) and apply the new profile for this layer.

3.) So for each scene/layer I use another profile to reduce the noise.

So my question is: Would you do the same? Or is there any other functionality already provided by the plugin, which would do the same?

Thanks for answers.

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