FINALLY!!! After 4 years (NeatVideo 2.6 for Virtualdub)

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FINALLY!!! After 4 years (NeatVideo 2.6 for Virtualdub)

Post by NeatOliver » Thu Feb 10, 2011 11:41 am

I'm sorry if this is not really a topic :roll: but...
After 4 years now, finally you did it guys!

So, I would like say thank you so much for the new version of NeatVideo for Virtualdub, guys.
Specially the 64 bits version! I despaired, really. This version is much faster, much more accurate and the user interface is better!
I really enjoy this version. um... next step, a GPU version maybe? LOL :lol:

Anyway, great job guys! Again, thank you so much!

a happy customer :wink:

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