Neat Video 2.6 & Virtualdub - x264vfw enconding issue

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Neat Video 2.6 & Virtualdub - x264vfw enconding issue

Post by NeatOliver » Wed Oct 12, 2011 3:37 am

Hello everyone,

I use Virtualdub 1.9.11, my favorite x264vfw encoder (Build Jun 15 2011) (win x32 version)
and of course NeatVideo 2.6 (win x32 version).

Here is my problem:
I have absolutely no filters expect Neat Video 2.6 . My x264 encoder settings are by default.
I just need to change the average bitrate of course, but that's all. Sometimes when I encode
my video, everything works fine, but sometimes the preview is frozen. Then the "Total Time estimated" rise up.
I must click on the abort button, I must wait few seconds and finally I got this Virtualdub message:

"Something appears to be stuck while trying to stop (thread deadblock). Abort the operation and exit program?"
... :shock: :?: :!:

Then I click on the "OK" button. And of course, I lost everything and Virtualdub is closed... :cry:

Note: I also tried to open my video with "Ask for extended options after this dialog"
and in "General AVI options" I selected "Re-derive keyframe flags" just in case if my video was corrupted.
But Virtualdub find no errors. But I still got this error when NeatVideo is enabled.
But if I disable NeatVideo, guess what?... everything works fine.

So I really don't know what to do now... because I'm lost here.
Can you help me guys? Any suggestions? :oops:

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Post by NVTeam » Wed Oct 12, 2011 10:14 am

I recommend to try the following:
- try to encode using another codec, for a test; see if the deadlock occurs as well;
- try to adjust the settings of x264vfw, for example, the "virtualdub hack" option;
- if you can run the 64-bit versions of everything, try that for a test;

Please also check if it always gets stuck in the same part of the clip or not, and how often that generally happen.

Thank you,
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