Fastest workflow in Adobe AE

questions about practical use of Neat Video, examples of use
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Fastest workflow in Adobe AE

Post by blacksmoke » Thu Nov 03, 2011 10:55 pm

Hi guys, I hope my questions won't be dumb, I'm a noobie trying to learn.

I currently edit in FCPX. Shots are from a 7D, converted to HQ Prores 422 with 5DtoRGB.

I'd like to know the fastest way to clean my clips with Neat Video in After effects. I've come to think that there are two ways of doing that:

1-Denoising every clip (in its full length) before editing. Pros: once it's done, I can focus on editing and apply effects in FCPX without worrying about noise getting worse during the process. Cons: I have to denoise full length clips, including some footage I won't end up using, so rendering time will be longer.

2-Edit first and export timeline as comp into After Effects with a small utility I've found (Foolcut AE). Then denoise each subclip in After Effects. Pros: reduced rendering time. Cons: I have to put Neat Video manually on each clip and load the right profile on each of them (I guess there won't be as many noise profiles as the number of subclips since there will be several subclips from the same shots).

Which of these workflows is better according to you? For each of these procedures, do you guys who know After Effects can suggest some way to lighten or automate the process, at least partially? I've only found one this far: there's a way to apply the same effects to a bunch of clips in AE (paste attributes). Would you recommend anything else?

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Post by aaronkondziela » Sun Dec 18, 2011 4:35 am

Workflow questions like these have plagued me for a long time, too. What I've found is that there are no good answers, because every setup really needs to be tailored to your individual needs, preferences, and setup. So ultimately, it comes down to test, test, test, and eventually over time you'll develop a good working methodology.

As far as your specific points... It seems like you have a tool already set up to convert your clips upon import, 5DtoRGB. If that's something you can batch up along with NV (is it an AE plugin or standalone?), then I'd say de-noise at transcode time, because you can set it and walk away, overnight perhaps. This assumes, though, that the noise profile doesn't require too much individual tweaking which would increase your batch job setup time.

I'd go for your second option, if I had to choose. Mostly because I prefer to do my edit in an editing app (Premiere in my case) and finish my online in After Effects, where I have more control of the final rendering, a wider variety of formats, and (potentially) higher quality. Again, though, it's dependent on your workflow needs. In my case, for narrative film projects, I'm not working under the same time pressures that you may have for ENG or client-driven projects. For those, I often finish in Premiere, since these days it's capable of delivering a level of quality required for these jobs.

So, I'd say take some test projects, small things, and do them in various ways, and really get a feel for what works and what doesn't. It's amazing how many things crop up that were unaccounted for only once you actually dig in to a proposed workflow.

And, I'd say when you DO find a workflow that works for you, post it on a blog somewhere, and share it! There are far too few information resources for the larger workflow and best-practices of project management out there. Lots of technique tutorials, but we need more of the big picture stuff =)

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