Weird color problem in After Effects CS6

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Weird color problem in After Effects CS6

Post by swb » Thu Oct 11, 2012 11:15 pm

EDIT: I don't think it's a problem with Neat Video at all, now - the "Resolution / Down Sample Factor Popup" control on AAE was changing at each zoom level when on the default of 'auto' leading AAE to do weird things to the color. Changing it to 'full' keeps it consistent. That was one of the things causing me confusion. The second is the screwy color that comes out when Reduce Noise is enabled, but it looks like the problem there was the green border added by the demo version was leading to the auto color effect shifting everything into purple. If I move the color/contrast/levels above reduce noise they don't seem to have an effect on the output, but that's probably inexperience with the tool (maybe needs precomposition?). Will play around with it more.


I'm new to all this but I'm having a problem with colors being wrong. I'm using After Effects CS6 with Auto Color and your demo version of Reduce Noise and the colors aren't coming out right. Without Reduce Noise it works as expected. The weird colors are also apparent just working in the tool where the colors differ at different zoom levels when Reduce Noise is enabled.

Here's a test video for the following examples, it's 3 seconds of the video and I've tried to encode it similar to the testkit video (MPEG2; 20Mbit/s CBR; 1280x720 progressive; 25 fps):

This is what I do to see the problem:

- Import video
- Add Reduce Noise
- Go into Reduce Noise's options, auto profile, apply
- Zoom in and out: original color looks consistent (good)

- Add Color Correction -> Auto Color
- Zoom in and out: corrected color shifts wildly (bug?)
- Rendered color is wrong (bug?)

- Disable Neat Video's Reduce Noise in the effect list
- Zoom in and out: corrected color looks consistent (good)
- Rendered color is right (good)

I've tried doing similar with the testkit video and I don't see the same problems. So, I'm confused. Do you get the same problem / how do I fix it?

Examples on youtube:

(image of the setup in AAE CS6)
Test Video
Test video with Neat Video and Auto Color enabled
Test video without Neat Video enabled but with Auto Color enabled

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