Neat Video v3.3 for After Effects, Premiere

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Neat Video v3.3 for After Effects, Premiere

Post by NVTeam » Fri Oct 12, 2012 11:28 am

Update: Neat Video v3.3 for After Effects and Premiere

Neat Video 3.3 update introduces direct support for GPU-based acceleration on AMD/ATI video cards via OpenCL.

Earlier in version 3.0, Neat Video added CUDA-based acceleration for NVidia GPUs. Starting with the 3.3 update, Neat Video will also be able to use some computation-capable AMD/ATI cards through the OpenCL interface.

Initially, the AMD/ATI support is being added in the plug-ins for After Effects and Premiere for Windows and for Mac. Shortly after, the other versions of Neat Video plug-ins will get the same capability.

The updated Neat Video plug-ins for After Effects and Premiere include:
  • - Added support for AMD/ATI GPUs (GPU acceleration is now possible with both NVidia and AMD/ATI cards)
    • The following AMD/ATI GPUs are supported in Windows:
      - ATI Radeon HD 57xx/58xx/59xx;
      - AMD Radeon HD 67xx/68xx/69xx;
      - AMD Radeon HD 77xx/78xx/79xx;
      - Another AMD/ATI GPU based on one of the following chip series: Juniper, Cypress, Barts, Cayman, Cape Verde, Pitcairn, Tahiti
    • The following AMD/ATI GPUs are supported in Mac OSX:
      - ATI Radeon HD 5770/5870;
      - AMD Radeon HD 6750M/6770M/6970M;
      - Some other models of AMD/ATI cards (please directly try the plug-in or contact support to verify)
    - Added support for Premiere Elements 11

    - Several cosmetic improvements in GUI
    - Several compatibility issues and bugs have been fixed
Please see the Neat Video website for more details.

If you did not use Neat Video before please try Demo editions of Neat Video plug-ins for Final Cut, Motion, After Effects (Win and Mac), Premiere Pro (Win and Mac), Premiere Elements (Win and Mac), Fusion (Win), Nuke (Win, Mac, Linux), Scratch (Win and Mac), DustBuster (Win and Mac), VirtualDub, Sony Vegas, Pinnacle Studio.

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