v3.2 crashing FCP 7.03 latest info?

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v3.2 crashing FCP 7.03 latest info?

Post by Leonard » Thu Mar 14, 2013 5:29 am

I just upgraded to v3.2 and plan to use it on a large concert that is around 2 hours. In just starting to test it out I found it crashed FCP twice within a few minutes using XDCAM EX footage. I was also rendering in high precision YUV. In looking through this forum I see now it is or was a common problem.

I'm using it on a Macbook Pro 9,1 ( Intel Core i7, 2.7GHz, 16G RAM, 8MB L3 cache, Intel HD Graphics 4000 and Nvidia GT650M) running OSX 10.8.2

1st - If this means its pretty much un-useable in FCP I am kind of PO'd that it wasn't mentioned before I bought and installed the new version. I never had problems with v2.5 though admittedly I haven't used it in awhile. Your website made it sound like it would work great -faster and more effective.

2nd- I have read the suggestion from Vlad to:
Reduce the amount of system memory given to FCP to something like 50-60%.
You can also disable multi-processor support in NV Preferences, this will make it use less memory. Also reducing the temporal filter radius will do the same. Also, I would try to further reduce the above amount of system memory given to FCP.

My questions are :
1 - Is there any new information on this question?

2 - Won't the above suggestions significantly slow down the computer's general functioning quite a bit?

3 - I am planning to do a multicam edit ( in this case only 2 cameras) Is that feasible at all while running Neat Video? ( sounds like a stretch at best anyway)

4 - I was working in XDCAM EX codec and set to render in Pro Res. Would there be any differences if I first transcoded into Pro Res 4:2:2?

5 - Assuming that crashing is just going to be a consistent problem in FCP 7,
a - Do you have a suggested workaround or procedure ?
( I'm used to FCP 7 so not eager to switch to Premiere just yet)

b- i.e should I edit in FCP then export say to After Effects and do the Neat Video as a post process?

Would this be better than editing in FCP without Neat , then follow Vlad's suggestions for memory allocation and just set Neat Video to render overnight - staying in FCP the whole time. I don't want to wake up in the morning though and find it crashed early on.

c - Are there any other FCP7 gotcha's I should know about?

Thanks for your time. (Despite being PO'd I know that Neat Video is a fabulous tool BTW)


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Post by Leonard » Thu Mar 14, 2013 7:03 am

Well I just tried the memory adjustments you suggested and saw no difference. In fact now I'm just finding that Neat video closes whenever I hit apply.

This is terribly disappointing. Should i reinstall v2.5 which seemed to work fine.

Also - On the NV preferences panel > Performance should it be set to
CPU only, GPU only or CPU and GPU ( I assume not the latter) . What should the Nvidia GT650 cards be set to ? ( default is 100%)?

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Post by NVTeam » Thu Mar 14, 2013 9:39 am

First of all, how does the crash look like? Is it an actual OSX-style crash with a crash log provided by OSX or it is an error message about lack of free memory shown by Neat Video?

If it is an actual crash, the first thing to do: please collect the crash details and e-mail them to support[at]neatvideo.com for analysis. It is often possible to localize the problem using such a crash log and then find a solution.

Also, if you can easily reproduce such a crash in a simple test case project with just one short clip, please send such a project and clip to support as well. A directly reproducible crash is even better for diagnostics, we can find the cause and solution faster.

Lets start with this and then see if we can find a solution without switching from FCP.

Thank you,
Image Image Neat Video team
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